Before you pick your window contractor, we recommend you read the guide below to get a better understanding on window  replacement costs, materials and choosing the best window installation companies to work with.

Window Installation Companies

Installing windows may sound easy in your opinion, but in reality, it’s not and there are many good reasons why you should always choose a local window contractor near you to make sure it is done correctly.

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Even though many windows come pre-fabricated, it is not as simple as just securing the window into its place by putting it into the hole. There’s much more to installing windows than just that. If you try doing it yourself, you run the risk of breaking the window, which could cost you dearly as you’re the one paying for the replacement window.

Specialist window replacement contractors will start the job by measuring the whole area where you want the window to be installed, to ensure that not only will you get the correct window size but also to make sure that the window is positioned correctly and is aligned as it should be. This ensures that you get an excellent fit, energy-efficient and most importantly, a long lasting, durable window installation.

Window installations are one of the home improvement jobs that you want done correctly, even if it costs you a little more than you expected. A good residential window installation company will also be willing to help you choose both the right type of window as well as the right materials that are needed to do the job.

There are many different factors that you should be aware of being choosing the best window contractor. This article will help outline these factors to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the window contractor to work with. We recommend you use the form above to match you with the most trusted window contractor near you.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing The Right Windows Replacements

Here are the different factors that you should take into consideration before you choose the windows 


The window itself is not the only thing that you want to leave an impression, you must consider the trim around the windows, you should ensure that you get windows that match the trim.


Just like how insulation in your walls is important to save energy, so is the fact that your windows must also be energy-efficient to save you yearly costs on your energy bill. What that entails is that your windows should be filled with argon gas between the 2 layers of the panes. This may cost you a little bit more, but it ensures that your HVAC unit won’t suffer because of it. The traditional double-pane windows are much better than single-pane windows because of the added argon gas, which makes them more than 30% energy efficient. Triple-pane windows are increasingly becoming more popular, especially in climates with extreme weather conditions.


The U-Value is the rate at which the heat escapes through the window panes. The lower this value is, the better your windows are at insulating. The more up north that you reside in, the lower this should will be.


Depending on the type of window material that you decide to choose you may either get more of less maintenance work required on it. If you don’t want lots of maintenance work, there’s one type of material that you should avoid using.

Possible Tint

Tinted windows does not mean that you are required to block out a majority of the sunlight, but with the improvement in the technology, this type of window will provide you with much greater UV protection, ensuring that the furniture in your house doesn’t fade due to UV rays. You can tinted windows fitted in places where you won’t even notice them.

Opening Mechanisms

Different types of opening mechanisms are much easier to operate than compared to some others. Some are also aesthetically pleasing than others, and when you decide to choose the right window, it’s worth noting those little details. If you decide to get a window that is difficult to open, you may be hesitant in opening the window frequently.

Window Styles to Choose From

Windows come in many different styles to choose from, choose a window style that may better fit with the aesthetics of your home. Here are the different styles of windows that you should consider looking into.


This is probably the most common window style where one side is already attached and the windows open outwards. These are clean and simple and look very traditional in any home.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, instead of being hinged at the side, this means they’ll opening slightly different. They can be installed on top of existing windows in order to increase air flow into the room.


Single-Hung windows are a beautiful design, they let you move the bottom part up and down, although these types of windows don’t swing out like the typical casement windows.


Instead of having one part that moves, like the single-hung window, double-hung window styles can move in both directions, either up or down. They can be moved to ensure that two holes are open, increasing the airflow into the home.


The benefit with this type of window style is that you won’t have to stretch far to open them. They’re easy to operate and because of this, they are most commonly used in basement windows.

Bay or Bow

Bay or Bow Windows are not flat like the other window styles, this is a great options for you if you want to place something in the middle.

Special Styles

You can most definitely always get customised window styles that are better suited to your idea or home, but ofcourse, they will come with an extra cost.

What Window Materials To Choose 

Apart from choosing the favourable style, you also need to make sure that you pick the correct material to suit your style, which is what we are going to discuss further on.


Aluminum is a great option for windows as there is basically no maintenance required with these types of material, which is something that many homeowners find attractive.


Composite window materials are twice as strong as vinyl, so you can understand why it’s very popular nowadays. No matter the weather condition outside, composite windows will always perform well.


Vinyl has always been a popular option for many homeowners for a very long time now because it also requires very little maintenance work and the costs are affordable to homeowners.


Fiberglass are durable and weather resistant type of windows. It has a variety of design options and colors to choose from and is a great option for the homeowner who doesn’t wish to spend much of his time with maintenance.


Wood is the traditional type of material that windows were made out of and it has been a great option if you want a classy looking window. Although it’s the type of window material that requires much more maintenance than it’s counter parts.

Why It’s Important To Hire A Professional Window Contractor

As mentioned previously, window installation takes alot of knowledge and expertise. Even if you feel confident enough to do the job yourself, chances are that you may not install the windows professionally as compared to some with the experience and expertise. There are many reasons why you should get quotes from several window contractors, before deciding on whether you still want to take on the job yourself.

A well installed window is what ensures a good performance in the long run.

By getting your windows installed professionally, you are not just ensuring that they have a long life-span, but also ensuring that the windows perform as efficiently as they can. Improper window installation can cause many other issues to arise, you may even start to have problems with the windows right after they are installed. For example, if you have not installed the windows correctly, you can have a difficult time opening and closing the unit properly. 

Without getting a proper window installation fitted by a experienced window contractor, your windows may not have the insulating properties that you were expecting, as a consequence your HVAC can suffer because of the hot and cold air circulating around your home, leaving you with increased energy bills. When you get the job done by a local window installation company, you are guaranteed that it will be done right.

Window Contractors Know Which Brands and Materials Are Suited For Your Job

Window Companies replace hundreds of windows every month, so they have the knowledge when it comes to buying the best material to install for you. They may even be able to get the parts at a discount. With their experience, they can take the difficulty out of ordering these materials and they’ll understand how the different materials are best suited for each other.

If you have a special preference for a specific type of window that is not that easy to obtain, your window contractor will most definitely know how to get it for you, or find you a suitable alternative instead. When they receive a poorly built window that has flaws, they will also know and request for it to be replaced by their manufacturer.

Hiring The Right Window Installation Company Has Many Advantages.

Window installation requires certain tools that you will most likely not have in your home, or know to get. Contractors will have all the tools readily available, saving you the hassle of going out to find them and spending the extra money on buying them. If you are just planning to do a one off window replacement, you may not have use for the tools, so you’ll only ever use them once. You may be able to rent your tools but chances are that you’ll be saving alot by just hiring a trusted window contractor.

Window Contractors get it done professionally but also quickly.

Chances are that it can take you considerably longer to get the job done, as you have no experience handling this kind of work. The advantage being that the professionals will know how to get it done in a timely manner, even if you install a custom build window design.

A warranty on the product and window installation.

If problems arise, it is important to get warranty on both the product and the window installation. However, many times, manufacturers warranty will only apply when the window has been professionally fitted. If you start to experience problems with the window installation, you can always call the window contractor and have them come and fix it for free, this is of course if your warranty if still valid.

Ensuring that you hire a reputable, trusted company is important, as this will ensure that you will get a quality window installed with a long life-span, and the style that you desire.

Getting Free Estimates & Quotes From Window Contractors

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