Before you pick your roofing contractor, we recommend you read the guide below to get a better understanding on roofing replacement costs, materials and choosing the best roofing repair companies to work with.

What is Siding?

Siding is the layer on your house that protects you against all different kind of elements such as wind, snow or rain. When it’s time to replace, install or repair your siding, it’s best you contact a local siding contractor that can ensure you get the job done professionally.

Over time, many different types of siding material have started to be manufactured globally. They all have their advantages and disadvantages ofcourse. We will outline the benefits and cons of each of these to help you make an informed decision. We’ll also inform you of the different types of services offered by siding companies.

Factors to Consider When Deciding on A Siding Contractor For Your Home

Siding types have different qualities, there may be a specific type of siding that you are interested in getting. There are several factors to consider before deciding though.

This involves both time and money. Some siding require more maintenance than others, whilst it may be cheap due to its low installation, you must consider whether it’ll cost you more in the long run to maintain the siding.

Repair costs
The occasional maintenance job is one thing, repairing siding is another. Consider how expensive it will be to repair your siding if you accidently damage the siding.

Consider common problems that certain types of siding experience
Before you decide on a siding material, it is always a good idea to find out what are the most common problems that others homeowners face with that given type of siding material.

What Siding Contractors Recommend
There may be certain recommendations that siding contractors will advise you about. For example, if you reside in an area with lots of bugs, the siding contractor will most likely recommend a siding material that is common to insect infections.

Costs of the Siding Material
Many of us don’t have a large budget when we decide to remodel our homes. The different types of siding material have very different costs, and it’s always a good idea not to make your final decision on a siding material that is out of your budget.

Fire-resistance Material
Fire-resistance quality is a good thing when you choose your siding material. Stone, brick and metal are some of the common siding that have this quality.

Water-resistance Material
If you live in a place with heavy rainy seasons or lot of humidity, you will want to choose a siding option that doesn’t give you problems the first year it is installed. Wood siding is not a great options for its lack of water-resistance, and if it is not maintained, it will quickly start showing signs of wear and tear. However, when wood is painted or stained, it can stay looking attractive.

You may have a certain type of look that you are looking for, and if this is an important factor for you, make sure you know what your chosen material will look like in 15 years time.

Do some research on how different materials age over time, and if possible, try and find another house with your chosen siding that will give you an idea of this. With certain types of siding, you might need to replace them after 30 years, whilst certain types can last for over 100 years.

What Signs To Look Out For When It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s Siding

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There will come a time when you need to find a siding replacement company, since the your current siding is no longer insulating your home against the elements. If you don’t replace or repair your siding when the problem arises, it can cause unnecessary deterioration in your homes framework, flooring and even drywall.

Here are just some of the signs that can indicate that it’s time to find a siding contractor.

Dry rot
Dry rot will often be obvious only when it has become very serious, it is something you need to be wary of and it can easily spread if left for a while. Dry rot is essentially wood decay caused by fungi and should be addressed as soon as possible to stop any further damage.

Cracks and holes
Cracks and holes will show themselves over time and are caused by a range of different factors. You can ofcourse get a siding contractor to come and fix the issue but you’ll want to understand the reason they’re showing in the first place.

Water damage
If you start seeing water damage or water stains on your exterior, you should ideally get a siding contractor to evaluate the damage and decide on what needs to be done. It could also be a sign that there is a another major issue, such as a water leak that needs to be addressed. Talk to a plumber in your area as soon as it is possible to stop any further damage to your property.

Mold is dangerously harmful, it is mainly caused by trapped moisture and it can increase the risk of further damage to your home. You will definitely need to address the moisture build-up occurring in your home as well as repairing or if the mold has damaged the siding to an extreme extent then you will need to replace.

Rotting is certainly not something that is appeasing to look at, and it can be a indication of several other problems. You need to make sure the rot doesn’t spread to the framework of your property.

Warping siding
Warping siding panels can be caused by many different factors, but the main reasons for warping siding panels is poor maintenance, heat and cool cycles, an improper installation done by an unexperienced siding contractor or water damage.

Cracked or peeling paint
When the paint on your siding panels starts to show signs of wear and tear, without there being an obvious explanation for it, then you will need to have to assessed by a siding contractor to find out the possible cause.

An unexpectedly high heating and cooling bill
Siding is important in insulating your home, if your heating and cooling bill has suddenly increased during times of extreme weather, it is worth looking into whether your siding is damaged and not insulating your home well enough.

Siding requires frequent painting
Different types of siding materials require certain types maintenance, and siding usually needs to be repainted after 8 to 10 years, however, if you have noticed that you need a painting less often then it is recommended that you contact an experienced siding contractor to do an inspection.

Siding companies may be willing to give you a longer time on your warranty on certain materials over others.

What Siding Options Are Available With Siding Companies
There are many different types of siding material and options you can consider for your home’s siding replacement. We will briefly discuss the different options available to you.

Vinyl siding
Vinyl is a popular siding material due to its highly versatile quality. It can also be designed to imitate other siding materials, such as stone or wood. It only requires low maintenance and makes it a good choice for homeowners not wanting to worry too much about maintenance. It’s attractive price point is another reason many homeowners choose it.

Engineered wood
Engineered Wood has alot of attractive qualities and is appealing like normal wood but without the disadvantages that normal wood has. It is much less expensive that real wood as well. Due the way its manufactured, it is much more weather proof and insect resistant than natural wood.

Wooden bevel/clapboard:
Wooden bevel is a one type of siding material that doesn’t require alot of maintenance, although the occasional painting and staining may be required.

Wooden shingles
Wooden shingles need the normal maintenance of wood, they are also easy to replace when an individual shingle needs to be replaced altogether. One disadvantage of wooden shingles is that you will need to be wary of termites that could quickly become an issue if left by themselves. Proper maintenance can make termites less of an issue though.

Wooden shakes
Wooden shakes are thicker and much larger than the typical shingles, and they come in many designs which is great if you want to give your home a unique look. Since wooden shakes require more material, they are more expensive than shingles. Wooden shingles require only the same amount of maintenance as shingles too.

Wooden board and batten
Wooden boards and battens give a rustic look to any home and can make a home look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is a common material used in barns, although it can also be used a siding material for homes. Since wooden boards are installed in planks, replacing certain sections of the siding will involve replacing whole panels.

Wood strip
Wood strip siding can give any home a modern appeal. The system that it uses involves interlocking the individual boards with a tongue and grove technique. Although this option certainly looks good, it is not a cheap option to install, but if you have a budget that accompanies it, then it can be worth it.

Split log
Split log is a common siding material often used for cottages and gives any home a similar look to a cabin build entirely out of logs. It uses less material than full log cabins due to the way it’s cut and applied. It’s certainly not an easy option to install for any siding contractor. It comes in two options, either genuine or faux wood. The genuine option is much bulkier and difficult to install compared to the faux.

Brick veneer
Brick veneer is similar to split logs in the sense that replicates the look for a full brick work. When it is maintained appropriately, it can last for more than 100 years and a benefit of brick veneer is that it is rot-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about termites infesting the material.

Real brick
Real brick can used when homes are initially being built as it will need a foundation to support it. It is not possible to replace an existing siding with brick because the work required would be to costly and extensive. Even though real brick looks better than brick veneer it is also much costlier.

Fiber cement
Fiber cement can last up to 30-50 years if it is maintained correctly and used in the ideal weather, although it need very little maintenance. It’s a good fire-resistant material but you should discuss it with a siding contractor to be sure that moisture does not build up on the inside which can cause an issue.

Stucco has been a siding material used for a long time. Even though the material itself is not expensive, the labor cost to install it is much higher than other alternatives. If you live in a place where you get extreme weather conditions, stucco might be the right option to consider. It should be painted over to ensure that you get the best protection against moisture.

If you’re on a tight budget, stone may not be an option for you, although it can certainly look very attractive. It is a durable material with very minimal maintenance required. One disadvantage of stone is that the installation is very challenging and overall a very expensive material to install. You need to make sure the frame of your building can handle the intense weight of the stone. Some benefits to stone is that its insect-proof, water-resistant, and fire-proof.

Stone veneer is a similar option to brick veneer in the sense that it’s cheaper than normal looking stone siding and that it even resembles real stone. The actual material is commonly used in Portland cement mixing with coloring. It’s advantages is also that the framework of the building does not need to be reinforced to support the weight of the stone veneer. It’s a durable material as well.

Aluminum does not need alot of maintenance and also does not rot. Since it’s a less denser metal than others, it’s susceptible to denting, although small scratches can be fixed with some paint. To keep it from rusting, it is recommended to paint over the material. If you get alot of hail in your area, it is not recommended to go with Aluminum.

While aluminum is just one type of metal siding material, there are many others. Metal is usually a popular choice for many homeowners because it has weather-proof and insect proof qualities. Metal will need to be painted over and can last a very long time with the correct maintenance.

Cedar shingles
Getting shingles professionally installed is very important, because shingles are much thinner than shakes so strong wind conditions can be a challenge for it. With good maintenance, shingles can look great and have great durability.

Faux rock
The literal meaning of this is fake rock, faux rock is made from cement or plastic. It is much cheaper than installing real rock and is easy to maintain and install as well, another benefit of it is that it doesn’t rock and repairs can be made easily.

Steel is a durable material, as it does not easily erode and repairs only involve removing the damaged panels and replacing them with a new panel. It can easily last up to 50 years if it is painted.

Masonite is another type of fake wood that does not rot, water damage will not be an issue either.

Charred wood
Charred wood was first used by the Japanese, it involves charring the wood to give it a black surface. This process makes the wood less susceptible to termites and water damage and also allows it to last longer than typical.

Plywood is an affordable option that resembles normal wood. Although it is made from a mixture of materials. Installing plywood is pretty straight forward, and a good maintenance upkeep can allow it to last up to 30 years or longer. Although it will need to be painted or sealed over since it is wood.

Corten steel
Corten steel does not easily corrode as it made from alloy sheets. It is often used in modern homes today and can make your house stand out even from far away. It’s red and brown tones are sure to get you noticed.

Concrete log
Concrete log is made to resemble natural wood, but as it’s not, it won’t need the same amount of maintenance as natural wood. One disadvantage of it being made from cement is that it’s heavier, but this makes it more durable than natural wood. Your siding contractor will need to assess your home to check if your frame can fully support the weight of concrete log.

Hardwood is a unique option to use as siding as it will be aesthetically pleasing. Although it is expensive to install since the materials costs a bit, it is resistant towards most of the elements that we’ve discussed. The type of hardwood that you decide on will determine the amount of maintenance that will be required on it.

Corrugated metal
While is commonly used on roofs, it can also be used as siding as it does not weigh alot and is good against rot. It is not the best for insulation however, so it will need to paired with good insulation to ensure your heating and cooling bill doesn’t increase.

Tin is lightweight, making it easy to install. If you need to repair or replace the panels, it is not difficult to do either. Painting over the siding will ensure that it doesn’t rust. Dents and scratches are hard to avoid with tin but can be easily hidden.

Liquid siding
Liquid siding is installed by being sprayed on, hardening on contact. It is most commonly used on top of materials such as stucco and can even be used on other materials. A thin exterior layer can last a long time.

If fire-resistant is an important factor for you, choose a good fire-resistant material. Nowadays alot of materials that weren’t fire-resistant have now become resistant because of the treatment that’s applied to them.

Composite siding
Composite siding can be made from a selection of different materials, but it often made with plastic, sawdust, fiber cement and other certain materials. The certain characteristics will be dependent on many different factors.

Services The Siding Installation and Repair Companies Offer

There are specific types of siding services offered from for certain siding material. We’ll guide you through each of the services offered below.

Siding Installation:
Siding Installation is one of the main services that many siding installation contractors offer. This service usually includes inspection of the surrounding area, and preparation of it as well.

There are several reasons why you might need a repair, and there are various types of repair work only suitable for certain materials and issues. Repairing siding is not a job for the average DIYer as there could be a severe underlying issue that needs to be addressed to ensure the problem doesn’t return. For example, issues like cracks, mold and water damage can be a problem that you won’t be able to figure out yourself.

Repair holes
Having holes in your siding will be an easy entry for water into your home, and it is an issue that should be addressed quickly. The same way that leaks in your roof can cause further water damage in your home, so can holes in siding. Holes in siding will also cost you with your energy bill.

Having small holes in your siding can be easily patched but unexplainable holes could be a cause by a more serious issue. It is always best to get a siding contractor to inspect the area.

Warped Siding
Warped siding is commonly the outcome of having siding improperly installed or the siding being exposed to water or heat. When the board starts warping, you will need to get it replace, if the warping is caused by defects in the manufacturing process, you can get it replaced under the warranty that you were given during the siding installation.

Siding Replacement
When your siding if just not repairable, this could be due to severe weather conditions or natural disasters, then it’s time to contact a siding replacement company.

Siding Cleaning
While cleaning siding with a pressure washer may seem like an easy task to do, if done incorrectly, it can cause damage to your siding, resulting into spending more to get the damage repaired. It is best to leave siding cleaning to a professional.

Siding Painting
Painting a 3-story home is not an easy task and will need to be completed by a professional siding company. The specialists will have knowledge on what paint is suitable to use for your specific type of siding. For the paint to adhere better to the siding, it is also important to to prepare the surface of the siding.

Removing siding is not just a dangerous and messy job but can also be very difficult. There are dangerous materials that are still used on houses, such as asbestos that need to be handled with care.

Mold removal
Mold removal is a extensive process, even more so when it’s been building up for a long time. Siding specialists will know the best to handle the mold removal.

Stain removal
Stains, similar to mold removal, can be difficult to remove if you don’t have the experience and knowledge on how to handle it.

Moss removal

When removing moss, the source of it needs to be addressed too, or it will soon appear again not long after. Not treating moss can cause major problems on the siding, the roots can penetrate deeper into the siding and this will require a replacement rather than just a repair.

Asbestos removal
Asbestos siding is very dangerous if you inhale any of the dusts, removal must always be done by a licensed siding contractor. The contractors will have undergone extensive training to know the best way to handle the asbestos removal.

Staining siding
Staining wood is one of the materials that needs to be stained in order to keep it protected from elements and keep it lasting longer. Preparation is also an important step to ensure it is applied correctly.

Panel replacement
Certain types of panel can be replaced for siding, although the whole process of replacing the panel can prove to be much harder than it may seem.

Rust removal
Improper protection of metal siding can eventually start to cause rusting, especially if your area has alot of moisture and rain fall. By treating the rust and protecting the siding, you’ll be able to extend the life your metal siding.


Having the occasionally inspecting of your siding, can help avoid risks arising in the future, saving you money.
Maintenance guidance

Many homeowners will sometimes be unsure on what maintenance is required on their siding. Siding contractors will happily assist you with helping you figure out what maintenance is suitable for your siding.

If you siding starts looking not so great, you can you find a siding contractor that will help restore the siding to its former glory.

Insulation is important, because it will greatly decrease your energy bill. So it is important to install siding that insulates your home.

Mobile Home Siding Installation and Repair Contractors
Siding is not only used on regular homes, it is also commonly used on mobile homes. The services offered for regular homes is no different to the ones that can be used on mobile homes.